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Mattin - Songbook vol.4 - Jean-Luc Guionnet
Jean-Luc Guionnet
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Mattin - Songbook vol.4

¬ Discographie ¬ Improvisations ¬ Saxophone

- Azul Discográfica, azd02, CD Digipak, USA, 2006
Taku Unami (Bass, Piano), Anthony Guerra (Guitar), Jean-Luc Guionnet (sax), Mattin (Vocals, Guitar), Tomoya Izumi (Voice [Shouting])
Recorded live at Enban 5th July, 2006 Tokyo.

The Wire (London, March 2007)
Outer Limits
Keith Hollings

Mattin could probably write a very nice song if he chose to, but it’s probably better for everyone that he doesn’t. Instead he makes up stuff and records it straight into his Thinkpad T42 laptop, using its constricted internal microphone to pick up his singing, along with some guitars and a couple of people down the hall shouting and playing sax together in the toilet. Mattin really makes you not want to care. He takes things serisously so you don’t have to. " I know you cannot survive any of my desires," he intones at one particularly intense moment in the session, which took place somewhere in Tokyo last summer. He doesn’t have to tell you twice.

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