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Hoop Whoop - Jean-Luc Guionnet
Jean-Luc Guionnet
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Hoop Whoop

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- Machless Recordings - MRCD53 - Londre - Angleterre -2001
Hubbub - improvisation instrumentale (idem)

Fabulous French quintet featuring Frederic Blondy (piano), Bertrand Denzler (sax), Jean-Luc Guionnet (sax), Jean Sebastien Mariage (guitar) and Edward Perraud (percussion). I’ve noticed more and more French improvisers popping up over the past decade, besides the more well-known players like Louis Sclavis & his bands, Marc Ducret and Noel Akchote. A newer scene is growing and evolving and includes a diverse group od players like Le Quan Ninh, Erik M and K.K. Roll. This is the second disc from Hubbub and I only recognize two of the members, Frederic & Bertrand, from previous work on Potlatch and Leo. Nowhere on this CD do they mention what the instrumentation is or who plays what and this was recorded live, the music is continuous with no tune or section titles. No that it should matter since this just adds to the mystery. Superbly recorded and filled with suspense, well balanced with no obvious soloing, just inter-group communication. Delicate, intricate, insect-like improv, little squeaks, rubbed strings and drums, minimal piano tinkling, scraped cymbals and other highly focused explorations. Time is slowed down, so that things unfold naturally, organically, spaciously, building, always connecting with drones and subtle interaction. I dig when one player starts a phrase and it is completely by another player, so that you can’t tell which instrument you are or were listening to. There is a strong level of communication and dialogue going on here, always something to follow as it flows in waves. This mysterious and magical quintet will be playing at the Victo Fest this coming May and maybe even playing here in NYC if I can get them a gig. Another wonderful set to look forward to.
Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery

Créé en 1999, le quintette réunit Frédéric Blondy (piano), Bertrand Denzler (saxophone ténor), Jean-Luc Guionnet (saxophone alto), Jean-Sébastien Mariage (guitare) et Edward Perraud (batterie) : une des formations des plus excitantes de la scène française. " Hoop Whoop" se joue en une seule pièce de plus de cinquante minutes, dense et nerveuse a la fois. Chacun oeuvre ici pour le collectif, sans souci d’ego. Un fourmillement sonore, où s’affirme àtravers le bris des matières la quête de nouvelles résonances musicales. Si Hubbub se situe dans la descendance d’AMM, c’est dans un work in progress permanent qu’ils forgent leur identité, leur unité. Sans qu’ils en soient redevables. D’une spontanéité toute réfléchie, Hubbub réjouit.
Thierry Lepin, Jazzman

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